The balance between moisture and protein in your hair

The balance between moisture and protein in your hair

The balance between moisture and protein.

Our hair needs a proper balance between moisture and protein. There is a co-dependent relationship between the moisture and protein contents in your hair strands. One cannot work without the other. 

Our hair is made up of a very hard protein called keratin. Quite often, the protein gets broken down by our manipulations, chemical processes, like color or relaxing, straightening, and the environment. Our hair also needs lots of moisture because without it, our hair becomes dry and brittle. When hair is being moisturized, water molecules bind with protein present in the strands. This is how they are able to absorb and perform hydrating duties. 

Protein in products improve the hair’s elasticity and strength properties. Just as our bodies need this, our hair does as well.

Most common protein in hair care products is keratin, however, as it’s animal derived product and all our products are vegan, we don’t use it in our products, instead we have :

  • Wheat protein - a moisturising as well as strengthening protein Also, aids in maintaining moisture levels. We have it in our Black Koal Bar and Emerald Green Conditioner Bar
  • Plant protein which has a mix of hydrolyzed proteins derived from wheat, corn and soybeans. This combination is great at enhancing moisturization and conditioning properties of a hair, in addition to providing film forming and anti-irritant benefits to leave skin and hair hydrated and healthy. We have it in our Orange Elixir and Damson Purple bars. 

if your hair stretches too far and has a week, spongy feel, that means it has too much moisture with no protein to support. Improve your hair's protein by using protein building deep conditioner. Our Emerald Green Conditioner Bar has wheat protein and we recommend using it as deep conditioning treatment at least once a week. Just simply leave it in on your ends and put shower cap on for 20-30 minutes and then wash off. 

If your hair is hard and can't be managed, it usually means there's an overabundance. of protein and too little moisture, If the hair hardly stretches and breaks off, you need to boost your moisture game. Hair like this is usually rough, tangled and brittle when dry. Start a moisturizing routine that includes a weekly moisturizing, deep conditioner treatment. 

One of the best ways to incorporate moisture into your strands (and keep it in) is using the LCO or the LOC methods. That stands for:

LCO (Liquid + Cream +Oil) or the LOC (Liquid +Oil + Cream).  

This is merely the order you add the items to your hair to impart moisture into your hair and keep it sealed in The liquid is water and the cream is conditioner. The oil should be natural oil or a blend of oils. Water always goes first and then you determine how to incorporate the last two according to your preferences after trying both. 

It might take a while to find your own perfect balance, but checking up on your hair will help. 

Simply follow the deep conditioning treatment process as per above and add oil as needed either before or after the conditioner. 

When choosing oils, I would generally recommend avocado oil (which is rich in protein, vitamins E,A, C and K and B6) or Apricot Oil (which is rich in oleic acid, omega-9 fatty acids) and are relatively easy to get hold of. 


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