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Aromatherapy Orange Eco Wax Melts - Revitalising Blend

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Aromatherapy Black Eco Wax Melts - Stimulating Blend

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Aromatherapy Pink Eco Wax Melts - Harmonising Blend

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Aromatherapy Green Eco Wax Melts - Soothing Blend

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Aromatherapy Purple Eco Wax Melts - Regenerative Blend

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shampoo bar trial set for hair

Mini Shampoo Bars Discovery Trial Set For Hair

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Black Koal Charcoal & Kaolin Shampoo Bar for oily scalp+dry ends

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Damson Purple Shampoo Bar for blondes and grey foxes

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Pink Clay Anti Frizz Shampoo Bar with Oat lipids for extra shine

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