Why you can’t use bar of soap as hair shampoo?

Why you can’t use bar of soap as hair shampoo?

Due to recent spike in interest in natural hair care, some beauty companies starting to monetise on this trend and selling their natural cold process soaps (which are always naturally alkaline and damaging for hair) as shampoo products to customers. Due to our hair being 'dead', unlike our skin which can balance our own pH levels out eventually, hair can't do that. Therefore, these companies advise to follow it with a vinegar rinse in order to 'balance out' pH level.

The idea is that because vinegar is acidic, it doesn’t matter what type you use as anything from white to apple cider, it can help close the cuticle as the pH is returned to normal balance if you use shampoo bars. 

Please see the pH scale graph below.

Natural soap bars are usually pH level 9 to 11 depending on the amount of lye used, but our hair needs products within 3-7 pH max. 

Please see this blog post here if you are interested why soap's pH it's always alkaline.

We get a lot of customers who tried this method and it didn't work for them. What's really painful to hear is that these unethical companies also tell their customers they need to 'transition' into this new method and it takes a while to do so, they need to keep trying. The truth is, they won't even transition and here is why.

Our hairs' requirements are not that simple and using products which are not meant to be for hair is actually extremely damaging four our hair strands.

That soap+vinegar method cleansing method doesn’t actually do any conditioning for your hair. Our hair requires a positively charged ingredient like a hair conditioner to do that - so you are still be causing damage as you're stripping away the lovely lipid layer and some of the proteins from the strand, increasing the pH, making it more water loving (hydrophilic) and less fat loving (lipophilic), which makes our hair very dull looking after a few of these washes.

Unfortunately, the truth is the longer you have been using that method, harder makes to get that shiny, healthy looking hair back and to condition it with natural, nourishing products.  

All shampoos have surfactants instead of soap. Surface active agent (surfactant), meaning something that works at the interface between two things that might not normally mix together without help - like water and air, water and oil, water and silicones, silicones and water, oils or water and our skin, and so on. The surfactant brings together those two things by reducing the surface tension between them.

That's the reason hair looks lovely after using silicone based shampoos, but at the end of the day you are just pumping your hair with plastic and then when it washes off, hair goes back to looking dull. 

We have spent a long time reviewing each ingredient before adding it to our products. We have not used any synthetic ingredients. All of our ingredients are either plant derived or nature derived (clays, charcoal etc) including biodegradable coconut derived surfactants which help with making oils, butters, extracts and vitamins in the product mix with our hair strands and nourish and moisturise them. 




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