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Sammie Jay
Shampoo bar is great

Loved it, makes a nice lather smelt wonderful and great to take on flights when going on holiday too ;)

Amy Campbell
Smells amazing!

Lathers up really well and smells so good. Leaves hair so soft..I use this with the green emerald conditioner and have highlighted hair.

Leonie Bentley

I’ve just used my orange elixir shampoo bar for the first time tonight; my hair had quite a bit of product build up but now looks amazing, soft and shiny and smells wonderful too. Looking forward to using more products soon :)

Daria Verkeenko
Best shampoo bars ever!!!

I have ordered all 3 shampoos at once, because I just could not choose as they all look so nice based on description. I have blond coloured hair, so why not to try all of them! I have not regretted a second after I recieved it. It has been around 2 month I am using them, alternating between them as I feel like. I love all of them - the smell is just amazing. It is not like this horrible Luch shampoos that stink, but instead it had exetremely pleasant soft natural smell, which is hard to describe, but I love it absolutely! Even my boyfriend with VERY sensitive scalp is using it . I love when he comes out after the shower and I can smell the nice fraignance on his hair. I am also surprized that it is so easy to foam, so I don' have a struggle putting it on my hair as I had with other shampoo bars. And lastly, it is very durable - it has been 2 month me and my boyfreind are using it and we barely used one third of it. I have also ordered as a gift to my friend and family - hope they will enjoy it as much as I do :)

Solid shampoo convert

I love the zingy gingery fragrance from the natural oils and the rich lather. Leaves my hair nicely cleansed. It’s simply a joy to use! I won’t be going back to bottle shampoo!