Why pH levels matter

We pride ourselves on being able to create pH balanced shampoo and conditioner bars. 

We use plant-derived surfactants. Surfactant stands for surface active agent. 

Surfactants have the same function as the soap, however there is a big difference between soap and surfactant. Due to the way soaps are made, they have static pH level of around 9-10 pH, depending on the oils used. That is too alkaline, drying & stripping for our hair and skin, hence soap based shampoo bars leave your hair matted with some colour stripped, when used on the skin it leaves that ‘squeaky clean’ feeling. Soap products are too harsh for our skin and hair as pH levels are acidic and within 4-6 pH region. The beauty of a surfactant is that it can be pH to the acidic range and it binds to oils on skin and hair and cleanses it. Soap molecules fall apart and separate to water and oil when mixed with water. 

Below diagram explains regarding pH levels 


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