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Diana Rybinski
Too small to easily try out

The little bars smell very nice but as they are so small it was difficult to use them. My hair seemed clean and soft after use.

Alison Allen
Fantastic sampler set

A collection of wonderful bar shampoos and absolutely the best bar conditioner I have ever used. These bars will last a deceptively long time. They lather freely and as I have said the conditioner is phenomenal.

Frances Lawton
Unusual fragrances

I found these bars have a very unusual smell compared to many others on the market. Maybe it’s a more natural smell, not sure, still pleasant but I was unsure about them. Ive only tried the purple one so far with the conditioner bar . I’m a bit obsessed with shampoo and wash bars and have tried quite a few now, some better than others but find them all a little drying. I have to say this is the first one that hasn’t done that! It did take a while to get a lather but it went on well when it got going . The bars are much softer in texture than most too. I followed up with the green conditioner bar and didn’t need a lot which was a real surprise as I’ve found I’ve needed a lot of product with others I’ve used to even get a little softness. I have a feeling all the other mini bars will be just as fabulous. I would love to buy these regularly but they’re so expensive full price 😕 I know they last a long time but I wash my hair every day so I use lots. I’ve tried a lot of different products and nothing so far has made me not want to wash daily. My hair gets quite oily and itchy within 24 hours

Janet Hardy
Great product

Great shampoo easy to use and leaves hair soft and shines
Conditioner best solid one I have tried leave hair so soft

Chloe Carmichael
I’m converted from liquid shampoo & conditioner!

I ordered from Solidamie after seeing they recently won awards for the Orange Elixir Shampoo Bar and Emerald Conditioner Bar. I’d never used shampoo/conditioner bars but WOW these are amazing! I’m converted.

They lather amazingly well - the Black Koal Charcoal & Kaolin Shampoo bar is my favourite. My hair is so shiny, soft and smooth. Perfect for my oily roots and dry ends hair type.

The conditioner… game changer! It’s the only conditioner I’ve ever used that fully detangles. I usually use professional, salon shampoo and Solidamie is so much better.

It’s not often I leave reviews, but Solidamie is honestly amazing that I had to share! 👏