New to Shampoo bars?

If you hear a brand saying that you need transition time from a normal bottled shampoo to shampoo bars, RUN! We mean it, run as fast as you can as you are being lied to about the product being a shampoo. It means you are being sold a bar of natural soap and told it’s a shampoo bar. 

Solidamie mild shampoo bars can be a great choice for any of these criteria:

  • You need to wash your hair every day.
  • Your hair is damaged, by either by chemicals or heat.
  • Your hair is dry or brittle.
  • You have fine hair.
  • You have dandruff.
  • You’re experiencing hair loss.

The ingredients we use in our shampoo bars and conditioner offer many benefits:

  • don’t irritate the scalp
  • cleanse the scalp, but don’t overdry it
  • won’t cause hair loss
  • will condition damaged or dry hair

There is no transition time whatsoever with our shampoo bars as they are designed specifically with low pH level in order to nourish your hair and close your hair cuticle.

Use our shampoo bars as usual shampoo, just make sure it’s kept dry in between the washes. 

Read here about why you shouldn’t use soap as a shampoo and here about pH levels needed for our hair.