Our Philosophy




Meet Lana

Growing up in Soviet Russia in the 90s, the concept of “sustainability” simply didn’t exist for Lana. At a time when people were focused on being able to feed their families, the pressing issue of survival overshadowed any concerns about the future of the planet.


However, tomorrow’s issues are rapidly becoming today’s issues: Plastic is filling our oceans, our air is becoming more polluted and climate change is closer than ever.

Having now lived in the UK for over 17 years, Lana is on a mission to show people how small lifestyle shifts can allow us to stop our current climate crisis from becoming an all-consuming reality. And how being more eco-conscious doesn’t have to mean giving up on the luxuries of life!

With a passion for the planet and a love for high-quality haircare, she launched Solidamie which comes from two words ‘solid’ in English & ‘amie’ - female friend/lover in French. 

Solidamie makes plastic free shampoo and conditioner for anyone who wants to look after their hair’s health and feel confident about how it looks and also for anyone who cares what they put on their bodies whilst also taking care of Mother Earth.

Our Formulas 

Each and every one of our bars has been thoroughly researched, widely tested and carefully formulated to truly care for your hair. Naturally.

Unlike most solid shampoo and conditioner options, we are 100% soap-free. That means no more drying formulas that strip away colour, increase frizz and generally leave your locks looking lack-lustre. Instead, we utilise plant-based surfactants which are pH-balanced, cleansing each and every strand, whilst also being gentle on the hair and scalp. 

Our bars also consist of less than 1% water, as we choose to fill them to the brim with impactful ingredients, carefully picked based on how they can improve your hair.

No fillers. Just highly concentrated and salon-quality products, without the bottle! 

Environmental principles 

We’re plastic-free, from the inside-out.

Not only do our bars come packaged in fully recyclable boxes, but our formulas are also totally free of silicones. In fact, each and every ingredient we use is vetted to ensure it’s fully biodegradable and doesn’t harm the environment. Plus, we’re completely vegan, 95% plant-based and never use palm oil.

The best part? One Solidamie bar replaces up 2.5 bottles of shampoo or conditioner. 

Sourcing commitments

Based in London, we source all of the ingredients for our plastic free shampoo and conditioner locally when possible. We always ensure that the values of our suppliers are in-line with our own: They must care for the planet, people and animals as much as we do here at Solidamie.


Giving back 

We understand the important role that hair can play in someone’s self-esteem and just how difficult it can be when it gets taken away from you.

That’s why we offer 50% off all of our products to anybody who is going through or has received cancer treatment and whose hair is growing back. SolidAmie’s natural formulas are perfect for anybody who has a compromised immune system and, therefore, needs high-quality products to help their hair to thrive again.

Simply send us an email with a copy of your medical certificate or diagnosis to get your discount.   

The Solidamie Mission 

We’re here to create effective and luxurious hair care, without the wasted plastic, water and carbon. Our unique formulas give you the best of both worlds, with innovative products that are concentrated and high-quality, alongside planet-conscious ingredient lists and packaging.

Because if there’s one thing that’s better than saving the planet, it’s saving the planet with gorgeous hair.


What does “no soap” mean?

We use plant-derived surfactants (surface active agent). 

Surfactants have the same function as the soap, however there is a big difference between soap and surfactant. Owing to the way soaps are made, they have a static pH level of around 9-10 pH, depending on the oils used. This is too alkaline, drying & stripping for our hair and skin, hence soap-based shampoo bars leave your hair matted with some colour stripped and, when used on the skin, soap leaves that ‘squeaky clean’ feeling. Soap products are too harsh for our skin and hair, which have acidic pH levels are acidic and within the 4-6 pH region. The beauty of a surfactant is that it can be adjusted (balanced) to be within that pH acidic range of our skin or hair. Surfactants also bind to oils on skin and hair and cleanse it. Soap molecules can’t be pH adjusted, they also fall apart and separate to water and oil when mixed with water. 

pH level of hair and skin Historically, most of the industrial shampoo and shower gel products on the market have SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) surfactant as the main cleansing agent owing to its low cost: because it’s readily available. It is one of the best in terms of cleaning power and creating desirable lather, however, it’s synthetic and a lot of people have allergic reactions or scalp irritation to this ingredient as it creates product build up. We only use plant-derived innovative surfactants that are based on sugar and coconut chemistry.