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Sharon Webber
Pink Clay shampoo

Fantastic product absolutely love this shampoo! Has made my hair beautifully soft 😊

Amazing product!

This has made such a difference to my curly hair - so much less frizzy and makes it feel incredibly smooth. Would completely recommend!

Mia M.

I bought the trial pack as i've been wanting to make the switch to shampoo bars for a while and started my pack with the Pink Clay....and 3 washes in i was so impressed i ordered the full size.
It is an absloute game changer. My hair is long and wavy / curly and is so affected by frizz and i have tried all sorts and nothing worked.
After the first wash i could tell what a difference this had made.
My hair was soft and my scalp and hair felt so clean. As i was drying my frizz, at the end of the day still no frizz i was amazed and so happy. Just happy shiny hair.
It lathers up so well i was happily surprised about and it thoroughly cleaned my hair and scalp.
I am happy to say this is my new shampoo and i am so happy i took the plunge and placed my ordered.

Brilliant for my curly hair!

This shampoo bar has been a real game-changer for me. I use curl creams and gel and this is great at clarifying my scalp and leaving my hair super clean. However, it doesn’t strip it of moisture and keeps my curls looking shiny and frizz-free. I’ll definitely be buying again!

Gloriously scented, beautifully presented miracle bars!

These beauties arrived promptly on ordering. Initially sceptical about the potential of a shampoo bar, and reluctant to lose my hair's plastic coated sheen from my dependable silicone shampoo, I took the plunge. The pink clay anti-frizz shampoo bar with its insta-worthy looks and delightful fragrance was an absolute treat to lather into my hair with effortless ease. The emerald green conditioner bar also revealed itself to be easy to work into my hair and long lasting, with a divine scent to boot. The proof being in the drying of course, I was very pleasantly surprised to discover the frizz had been kept at bay, leaving my with a glossy sheen that I even received compliments on. My hair type is long, black and dry, and (as yet) undyed. Would thoroughly recommend these products.