Resources we waste

Resources we waste

In this day and age when everyone speaks about saving the ocean and dangers of one time use packaging to this planet, most consumers are still irresponsible. I work in the office where we are meant to sort our recycling and about 90% of the time things end up being placed in the wrong place and therefore won’t be recycled as they don’t get sorted afterwards.


There is a massive gap between bringing awareness about the fact that it all ends up in the ocean and educating people what to do next. 


UK isn’t the most advanced with recycling as there are still lots of councils don’t recycle ♻️ at all, but what happens in other places of the world? Out of all the places I have visited Switzerland, Spain and Japan are at the forefront and very strict with recycling…


With all this in mind, I have decided to work on solid products formulations that don’t require packaging other than paper wrapping or boxes. Thankfully paper gets recycled the most!


Have you used any solid shampoos, conditioners, moisturisers, cleansers yet from other brands?




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